Volvo Haul Assist Now Standard In Middle East

Increasing customer demand for real-time data on machine productivity, health and location in the Middle East has led Volvo Construction Equipment to include the Volvo Co-Pilot hardware for Haul Assist on new articulated haulers, initially for Saudi Arabia and UAE.

Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) has witnessed a remarkable shift over the past few years in the approach to connectivity and digitalisation within the construction and quarrying industries in the Middle East.

“Mounting pressure faced by customers in the region to optimise their operations and reduce costs has sparked an increasing recognition of the power that connectivity and data hold. Platforms such as Volvo Co-Pilot have emerged as invaluable tools, empowering both individual operators and fleet or operations managers with the insight to make informed decisions and unlock untapped potential,” says Ilkay Fidan, Commercial Manager for Market Area Middle East at Volvo CE.

To cater to this growing demand and support customers in the Middle East, Volvo CE has taken the significant step of including the hardware for Volvo Co-Pilot with Haul Assist as standard on new articulated haulers, initially in Saudi Arabia and UAE.

This means that every new articulated hauler in these markets will come equipped with the 10-inch Android colour Volvo Co-Pilot touchscreen, along with all the necessary pressure and position sensors to provide real-time operational data to the cab display and the cloud. These components will be installed in the factory, ensuring seamless integration and functionality.

Volvo Haul Assist now standard in Middle East

Flexible and future-proof

With this inclusion of hardware, customers in Saudi Arabia and UAE who wish to leverage the benefits of Haul Assist need only to request the local authorised Volvo dealer, Famco, to activate the software subscription. This activation can be carried out at any point, allowing customers the flexibility to adopt Haul Assist when they are ready.

It is important to note that Volvo CE is continuously improving and expanding the functionalities of Haul Assist, and software updates can be conveniently implemented wirelessly whenever necessary.

“By incorporating the hardware from the factory, we aim to simplify the process for customers and enable them to future-proof their machines. Even if they are not ready to start using Haul Assist immediately, they have the assurance that they can easily activate it any time in the future, gaining access to the remarkable productivity and efficiency-enhancing benefits it offers,” Fidan says.

Growing suite of features

On-Board Weighing was the first major functionality of Haul Assist when it was launched. The system provides real-time payload information to the screen in the cab and uses external lights as a visual guide for the operator of the loading unit as to when the nominal load has been reached. It optimises productivity, improves safety, and decreases unnecessary fuel consumption and wear to the hauler by avoiding wasteful underloading or dangerous overloading. It also enables remote monitoring of productivity over time.

Volvo Haul Assist now standard in Middle East

Then in 2020, Volvo CE began roll-out of the Map function. As well as the desired route, this function informs the operator of the location of other machines and personnel on site, reducing congestion for greater productivity, fuel efficiency, and safety. The Map also issues speed limit notifications when necessary to remind operators to keep to the recommended speed for safer operation. This will be available soon in the Middle East.

The most recent feature,Tire Pressure Monitoring System, was introduced in 2022 to give operators an instant and safe indication that tyres are functioning within the correct parameters. On the Volvo Co-Pilot display, operators can see real-time information on tyre pressure and temperature both as nominal values and percentages. They also recieve alerts if there are inconsistencies in pressure or temperature, indicating they should keep certain tyres under observation and, if those inconsistencies have worsened, signalling it is time to take action. This function can be ordered separately.

Haul Assist also includes a calculator, notes, and weather app.

“Incorporating the Volvo Co-Pilot hardware for Haul Assist as standard exemplifies our commitment at Volvo CE to providing cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving needs of our customers in the Middle East. By embracing the power of connectivity, data, and real-time insights, we can help customers to optimise their operations and drive sustainable growth in an increasingly high-pressured and competitive environment,” Fidan concludes.

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