Volvo CE launch collision mitigation system to reach zero accidents vision

Volvo Construction Equipment (Volvo CE) has launched its Collision Mitigation System for the company’s wheel loaders in order to deliver on its vision for zero accidents

The first-of-its-kind system houses an automatic breaking mechanism which will support operator response when working in reverse and will help to reduce the risk of collision; when the wheel loader approaches any obstacle, it will alert the operator to take further action.

The Volvo Group is committed to jobsite safety, and its Zero Accident Vision implements that ideology which is delivered not only through its products, but also its operations. The system has not been designed to replace safe operator behaviour, but instead be a smart tool to further enhance jobsite safety.

The tool works by identifying when there is a risk of collision and responds automatically by applying the breaks for 2-3 seconds prior to impact. For stockpiling operations, the system will remember the last slope the loader climbed without operators having to activate it.

The technology is designed only for when wheeler loaders are in reverse and driving at speeds of 3-15 km/h. Assistance systems cannot completely eliminate accidents, which is why Volvo CE holds safe operator behaviour to such regards.

Lars Eriksson, global product manager for wheel loaders, Volvo CE, said, “We at Volvo CE continue to proactively develop intelligent solutions which not only mitigate the consequences of accidents but strive to avoid them altogether. This new Collision Mitigation System is one important part of our work to reduce the risk of accidents and help fulfil our commitment towards zero accidents.”

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