Siemon launches LightWays fibre routing system

Siemon, a leading global network infrastructure specialist, has announced its new LightWays fibre routing system in Africa

Siemon LightWaysLightWays is manufactured from halogen free, flame-retardant yellow plastic. (Image source: Siemon)

LightWays is a fully enclosed, flexible ducting system for protecting, segregating and managing fibre optic cables in the data centre environment. Each component has been specifically designed to protect fibre cabling from dirt and dust and to maintain proper bend radius, which is imperative to maintaining network uptime, performance and reliability.

LightWays comprises of a wide variety of straight solid and slotted duct, elbows, tees, crosses, reducers and outlets available in four different sizes. It features innovative toolless joiners that completely eliminate the need for any drilling, nuts, bolts or other tools to connect or disconnect components. Easy-access covers and removable protective end caps allow fibre cables to be added or removed from any pathway section at any time, without the need to disconnect system components.

The system’s low-profile Waterfall Outlet can be placed anywhere along the sidewall of straight sections to create vertical drop-offs with full bend radius control for safely routing fibre cables to and from data centre racks and cabinets. The Waterfall Outlet’s two-piece cover with hinged rear section makes it easy to access, add or remove fibres that bypass the outlet without disturbing those inside the outlet.

Prem Rodrigues, director for the Middle East, Africa & India/SAARC at Siemon, commented, “Fibre has become the de facto network infrastructure building block across any size or type of data centre, from large hyperscale and cloud data centres, to colocation and enterprise. As emerging technologies and applications take data volume and bandwidth to never-before-seen levels, the amount of fibre in these spaces will continue to grow and we are already seeing large data centres with tens of thousands of fibre links. LightWays makes is easier than ever to effectively manage and protect these critical links as they traverse between networking equipment, storage area networks and server clusters, while ensuring the capacity to support continued growth.”

Backed by Siemon’s comprehensive Data Centre Design Services, the LightWays fibre routing system is available in 50mm x 50mm,100mm x 100mm, 200mm x 100mm, and 300mm x 100mm sizes.

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