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Kraken Receives $1.1m in Contracts for AquaPix SAS

Kraken Robotics announced contracts from two customers totaling $1.1 million for its AquaPix Synthetic Aperture Sonar (SAS).  Due to confidentiality reasons the customers cannot be named but deliveries will go to the UK and Singapore for integration onto small man portable Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs). This represents Kraken’s first sale into Singapore and is reflective of our growing value proposition in the defense market of providing leading technologies at commercially competitive prices.

Kraken’s AquaPix is an off-the-shelf, configurable SAS that replaces high end sidescan systems at an affordable price, while delivering higher resolution, range, and area coverage rates (ACR). The increased range, resolution and associated higher ACR of SAS expands the capabilities of naval, scientific, and commercial applications. Kraken’s AquaPix is capable of 2 cm x 2 cm Ultra High-Definition SAS imaging at long ranges.

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