Haranga Resources kicks off uranium drill run in Senegal, West Africa

Haranga Resources (ASX:HAR) has kicked off a 20,000-metre auger drill run at its Saraya uranium project in Senegal.

Describing the campaign as major, it’s not the only action Saraya will see before 2024.

In the meantime, Haranga is also procuring an RC drill rig to begin plugging away at targets on-site in mid-December.

RC rigs can drill deeper than auger drills and the very act of hiring an RC rig indicates heightened confidence in mineral occurrence.

In the background, work continues on the company’s Ibel South gold project.

Preparing for larger run

Today’s auger drill run is seeking to lay the groundwork for that larger drilling operation – in other words, where to and where not to drill come mid-Dec.

To this end, infill soil sampling is also taking place in a bid to better define drill targets.

With that said, it’s not like the company doesn’t know if there’s uranium on-site or not. Recently discovered anomalies are currently of foremost interest to the company.

With luck, geotechs can expand the existing JORC uranium resource, first published in October.

Metallurgical ore samples are currently awaiting transport to Canada and the company continues to examine termite mounds for trace evidence of uranium.

If that sounds curious to you, you’re right to be so – the methodology is only applicable where termites happen to be present on-site lucrative acreage.

But it’s been successfully done before, and so Haranga geotechs are putting theory to the test.

Management comment

“Following on from the delivery of a maiden resource estimate … Haranga has recommenced field work at Saraya (uranium) and Ibel South (gold) projects,” HAR Managing Director Peter Batten said.

“The required permissions were obtained and auger drilling at the Diobi and Sanela uranium anomalies has commenced with a suitable trailer-mounted auger rig.

“The initial programme is aimed at defining the orientation of the anomalies, which will then be followed up by an RC drill program.”

Haranga shares last traded at 16 cents.

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