Save time, money, and the planet with a Volvo machine rebuild

Volvo is providing the opportunity to give new life to articulated haulers, wheel loaders or excavators so they can continue working reliably and productively with no additional capital expenditure

CUS Certified Rebuild 1 WVolvo can transform existing equipment into a like-new machine. (Image source: Volvo)

Through the Volvo Certified Rebuild Program, Volvo can transform existing equipment into a like-new machine that is fully covered under the Volvo warranty.

Whether a complete rebuild, powertrain rebuild or hydraulics rebuild is required, components are replaced with ones in full working order from the Volvo remanufacturing factory in Sweden.

Get a fully operational machine in a matter of weeks

There is no need to wait months for a new machine to be delivered when you can schedule downtime for your existing equipment and receive it back as a good as new in just a few weeks.

Save up to 30-40% on the cost of a new machine

The price of a remanufactured engine can be 60-70% of a new one, while the cost of rebuilding an entire machine can be up to 30-40% less than buying a new one.

Lower your total cost of ownership 

Initial capital investment is protected, and total cost of ownership is also reduced when rebuilding a machine compared to buying a new one as the depreciation and insurance costs are also lower.

Reduce, reuse, recycle

Choosing a Volvo machine rebuild has the added benefit of helping to reduce environmental impact. Volvo reuse and recycle as much of the original components as possible to reduce the consumption of precious natural resources.

Machine rebuilds are suitable for any larger machines within the Volvo range of wheel loaders, articulated haulers, and excavators, and are offered throughout Africa.

Contact your local dealer today to find out how Volvo can restore your machine to its former glory.

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