Latest Potain tower crane targets enhanced productivity and profitability

Manitowoc, a leading provider of engineered lifting solutions, has unveiled the Potain MCR 305 luffing jib tower crane, offering numerous advantages over previous models

With an optimised design to reduce the number of points where the crane needs to be secured to a building as construction progresses, the new model can reach a height of 190 m and boasts a smaller out-of-service radius to optimise space on jobsites. This was pursued by the developing engineers (both French and Chinese) in order to ensure better productivity and profitability for users.

Making use of customer feedback to optimise the offering, there are two versions available. The first has a maximum capacity of 20 t and a 3.1 t tip load with a 60 m job while the other boasts a maximum capacity of 25 t and a 3 t tip load, also with a 60 m jib.

According to Leong Kwong-Joon, regional product manager for Potain tower cranes at Manitowoc, the new crane’s increased load charts make it a more attractive option for high-rise construction. “We’ve had extensive conversations with customers and the insights we gained have helped us develop an impressive new luffing jib crane,” he remarked.

“Strength gains are realised along the entire length of the jib. There are also great savings for customers in climbing higher faster and better productivity with a substantially reduced out-of-service radius. We’re excited to launch this new model to market.”

The new model will be manufactured at the company’s factory in Zhangjiagang, China, before being sold to customers across Asia, Australia and New Zealand, the Middle East, Latin America and Africa.

Customers interested will be happy to hear that each jib position and lifting point on the crane was subject to an extensive design and analysis process lasting several months. The basic design, wind performance and wind tunnel tests were carried out in France while the team in China conducted structural design and test verifications.

Manitowoc is not the only manufacturer which has updated its crane portfolio in recent months with Liebherr also revealing the new LG 1800-1.0.

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