Africa to develop a mineral resource classification system

The African Minerals Development Centre (AMDC) is pioneering an initiative to set up an African mineral resource classification (AMREC) system on the basis of the UN frameworks Classification for fossil energy and mineral reserves and resources (UNFC)

Africa mineralThe initiative is expected to improve the energy and mineral sector in Africa. (Image source: Isuru Senevi/Flickr)

AMREC is the continental framework that aims to harmonise, adapt and develop the UNFC according to the principles of the Africa mining vision (AMV).

The African-based framework is expected to enhance regional cooperation in sustainable development by providing a classification framework for management of all energy and mineral resources on land, continental shelf and seabed, said AMDC.

As the region’s energy and mineral sectors are facing an array of challenges regarding economics, environmental and social aspects along with the commitments of the Paris Accord and aspirations of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the AMREC’s initiative aims to serve as an important tool with sustainability as its core concept and foundation.

The geological experts have also endorsed the adoption of the principles of the UNFC as a model for the development of an African mineral classification system, said Kaiser de Souza, chief of geology and mineral information section of AMDC.

“Adopting the UNFC in the African context can be a tool to achieve transparent, equitable and optimal exploitation of mineral resources for broad-based sustainable growth and socio-economic development for the region,” Souza stressed.

He further added that the new classification system focuses on adding value to implement the AMV by supporting decision-making for investment and governance along the mining value chain in African countries. In addition, he emphasised that the facilitation of international practices to interpreting geological information across African countries can effectively lead to the emergence of Pan-African commodity exchanges.

The workshop to bring about the establishment of AMREC is going to be held in Egypt from 2-6 October 2017, with plan to bring together professionals from African extractive industries and international experts in resource classification.

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