Choosing essential abrasives for the MINING INDUSTRY with Grinding Techniques

South Africa’s mining industry has always been an integral part of our country’s economic development. With various factors affecting the sector’s overall performance, the Mineral Council of South Africa’s latest publication dated February 2024, reported 2023 as the first calendar year of decline since 2015, essentially marking it the largest annual fall since 2009.

It is reported that GDP contribution contracted, exports declined, and overall mineral sales were down, Despite this, contribution to the fiscus still grew. As a local manufacturer of premium abrasives, we are well aware of the many challenges the mining industry faces. With our solution-driven approach, we are perfectly positioned to assist in the improvement of safety and operational processes with the perfect balance between quality and cost. Knowing that the safety of workers are paramount to applications involving abrasives, we are a proudly oSa-certified manufacturer, which puts us at the top of preferred abrasive suppliers.

Our products are designed and manufactured to deliver premium performance whilst adhering to the highest safety standards. With constant product development and new product designs, we are able to  meet the ever changing demands of various industries, including the mining environment, whilst still improving on overall efficiencies.

Specific to applications within the mining sector, we developed the first ever Type 28 dual purpose cutting and grinding disc. The Superflex Cut Grind. Designed and manufactured to safely operate as an effective cutting and light angle grinding disc, it is primarily used on back grinding of welds, yet also suitable for blending and under cutting repair work.

With safety as one of our core priorities, this disc was designed with the intention of replacing the application of using a conventional cutting disc to grind and deburr materials – a dangerous application often leading to potential breakages with possible injuries on application. As the Superflex Cut-Grind disc reduces a two-step process to only one, less disc changes are required, effectively increasing efficiency, whilst reducing down-time.

With our custom product solutions, we also offer full operator training to ensure maximum output and safety on application .

Apart from the Superflex Cut Grind, our comprehensive abrasive range includes various products suited to mining-based applications from cutting and grinding discs, to precision grinding wheels and finishing products.

For high alloy and stainless steels, we offer a range of Zirconia Alumina and Ceramic abrasives which have specifically been developed to provide more efficient results, as these steels are used more often in mines due to their ability to resist corrosion, therefore using abrasives that are free from contaminants are key for these types of steel.

When jobs require smaller, precise work, Superflex abrasive mounted points and tungsten carbide burrs are available. Used for finer work to remove smaller amounts of material or where precision finishing is required, the Superflex range is available in various shapes and sizes to ensure no tool falls short on your application.

The newest addition to our range, includes non-woven abrasives, making superfinishing of metals now  easier than ever before. Designed to be used on both stationary and portable angle grinders, a vast range of product derivatives are available to blend, polish and buff various metallic surfaces.

Apart from this, we also stock a wide variety of product solutions for larger format grinding, which encompasses both precision and rough grinding applications.

Precision grinding is typically done on different automotive parts such as turbines, blades, impellers and other components that requires a very tight tolerance.

Rough grinding (also referred to as snagging) often uses coarser wheels for high stock removal rates and faster working times. These wheels will often be used for grinding drill bits, rods and other components.

Grinding Techniques manufacture bespoke solutions for both precision and rough grinding to ensure the absolute best fit to application.

With constant application research and product development conducted alongside customers, we are able to ensure our abrasive products remains in the forefront with the ever changing demands of the mining industry.

For a custom solution when it comes to overall cost savings, with increased efficiencies and operator safety, partner with us today.

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Grinding Techniques was founded in Chamdor (Krugersdorp) in 1981. We supply specialised grinding products for the industrial market and our company has developed into an important force in the industrial abrasive market.

We have an extensive range of high quality cut-off and grinding wheels, specialised industrial diamond tools and a wide range of surface finishing tools so with us, you will always find the right product for your application. All of our tools are manufactured locally in accordance with international standards (ISO, EN and OSA) and our products are also exported to satisfied customers

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