Prime gearbox solutions from I-MAK tailored to meet pump applications

I-MAK, one of the premium global brands in the stable of bearings and power transmissions specialist, Bearings International (BI), has led the global market with a wide portfolio of gearbox and drive solutions for over 50 years. With more than 1 000 000 references and hundreds of different product lines, I-MAK’s unique power transmission solutions cater to a large scale of applications in virtually all industrial segments. I-MAK gearboxes are widely used for diverse pump applications in the oil & gas and food & beverage sectors around the world.

I-MAK’s IR Series of Helical gearboxes is perfectly adapted to meet the stringent demands of pumps and transfer technologies which represent key applications across a broad range of industries. “The IR Series is available in twelve different sizes ranging from 90 Nm to 18 000 Nm and is ideally suited for gear and lube pump machinery,” says Kobus Groenewald, Business Unit Leader Industrial Geared Units at BI. Fitted with either an input shaft or a direct IEC motor coupling and a standard foot configuration, these easy-to-mount and dismount gearboxes minimise downtime and scale up production, subsequently offering key cost-related advantages for end-users.

As a preferred supplier for thousands of crude oil producers, refineries and engineering companies, I-MAK is a key purveyor to Middle Eastern and North American oil & gas industries. The company is actively involved in several major oil & gas projects in the UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.  SIPCO-I-MAK in Houston, Texas, serves the US oil industry with a dedicated team of experts. All I-MAK products are available in ATEX configuration to meet sector standards in the North American market as well as the needs of technological partners.

I-MAK has enhanced its product offering to the food & beverage industry over the past few years with the addition of several key features to meet this segment’s strict hygiene and food security demands. The application of special easy-to-wash paint and coatings on I-MAK gearboxes limit material deposits and rust, subsequently contributing to the maintenance of top hygienic standards at customers’ sites.  Moreover, optional food grade oil and resistance to high temperatures and aggressive environments, reduce the potential risk of oil leakage.

“Innovation, quality and precision are woven into the fabric of I-MAK’s world-class quality, affordable, two-year-warranty products which are backed by specialist local and international support,” says Robert Sillis, General Manager: Product Management at BI. Our strategic partnership with I-MAK therefore presents the backbone of our blueprint to provide superior quality, reliable solutions that are uniquely tailored to meet the diverse needs of a raft of industrial applications. The very high local added value of all I-MAK products aligns perfectly with our mission to enhance production uptime and efficiency, delivering our value proposition of keeping our customers ‘in motion’.”

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