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Baudouin’s solutions to power the digital age

Moteurs Baudouin, a French engine manufacturer, has highlighted the customisable power solutions it offers for data centres of all sizes

With data centres increasingly forming the backbone of today’s interconnected world, it is becoming an ever-growing challenge to ensure these vital pieces of infrastructure are properly powered. Moreover, as the energy transition continues to gain momentum, calls to ensure they are dependent on power solutions (including for both reliable backup power and grid support) that are environmentally-friendly (alongside reliable and efficient) are also building.

These are solutions Baudouin already offer, with proven applications in datacenters of all sizes, from edge computing data centers and medium scale data centers, right up to hyperscale data centers.

With power outputs from 18 to 4,125kVA, PowerKit Diesel engines ensure seamless power supply for uninterrupted operations. These engines are also able to use hydrotreated vegetable oils (HVO), a more sustainable fuel option, which can reduce CO2 emissions by up to 90%.

PowerKit Diesel units are rigorously tested and are also compliant with Uptime Institute requirements, the international benchmark for datacenter performance.

Going greener

Building on its portfolio, Baudouin also offers a further greener solution – Powerkit Gas. According to the company, while using gas to power digital technologies might not seem like an obvious choice at first, Baudouin’s range of lean burn PowerKit Gas engines is already proving a hit with users.

The PowerKit Gas M Series is available in a range of power outputs from 63 to 1,750kVA, making them suitable for a wide variety of datacenter applications. The engines are also electronically controlled and combined heat and power (CHP) ready, which further enhances their efficiency and environmental benefits.

Baudouin has ensured an expanded range of gas engines options through its trusted partnership with Power Solutions International (PSI). The latter’s gas engines have dual fuel capability (for both natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas), providing lower CO2 NOx emissions compared to diesel.

Through all of this, Baudouin has reiterated that its users can have peace of mind knowing they’ll have continuous power and uninterrupted operation, even during grid outrages. This setup can also support the local production of electricity, heating and cooling. The engines are even designed to operate in harsh and confined environments, ensuring uninterrupted power delivery under the most challenging conditions.

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