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A conversation with James Coker of Power Storage Solutions

Q: What led to your position at your company?

A: I worked in O&G a number of years. I was looking to change to a more stable industry that would let me further develop and grow. A former co-worker told me about Power Storage Solutions. What caught my attention was they accepted that he had a different perspective coming from a different industry, and they embraced it. When a position opened, I jumped on the opportunity.

Q: How do you pitch your product/service? What is your favorite sales approach/ marketing tool?

A: Most people learn relatively early that your reputation is easy to tarnish and hard to repair. I was taught that anyone can make a one-time quick sale, but if you want that customer to come back, some level of trust has to be established. Pretty much all of sales is a problem-solving exercise where the client is looking for a widget and/or service to solve a problem. My goal is to work with them to understand it, and offer the best fit to build trust and reputation. Phone calls change from, “I need part ABC” to “I have a problem, and I need help solving it.” Getting to that level opens doors to offer more involved and diverse products and services further expanding my reach.

Q: What keeps you motivated?

A: I would generally describe myself as a good problem solver, therefore “easy” problems are not necessarily the most fulfilling, knowing I could handle more of a challenge. Motivation comes from seeking and solving these problems for my clients. The stranger, more complex and out-of-the-box solution required to satisfy clients, brings satisfaction and the desire to repeat. It feels great to finalize a complex project knowing your client is happy, while maintaining all the goals of my employer.

Q: What should someone know before taking this type of position?

A: If you think this job is sitting in a chair and making phone calls while emailing all day – you are partially right. Not only must I be willing, but it is necessary to go to jobsites and work with clients to ensure the equipment we sell and install will do the task needed, fit in the space provided and work seamlessly with equipment already there. You must be able to communicate with people from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds. One moment you may be discussing technical specifications and calculations with engineers, next you will be scheduling with planners, and discussing various aspects of the job with technicians so the job can go as planned. Every day has its unique challenges.

Q: How do you maintain a good work/home life balance?

A: I can’t say I have always been successful balancing the two. Every day is a challenge and takes effort. I have a wife and three children, ages three to 10, two dogs, and my oldest son’s bearded dragon lizard. It adds up to lots of distractions requiring my attention. My family has gone down the rabbit hole with scouting, and I am currently the Cubmaster for the local pack. My kids enjoy the activities. It has become a way to refocus away from work and bring more attention to my family. I wish other working parents luck in finding their balance. I hope to keep finding mine.

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