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As the demand for raw material continues to surge, the spotlight has turned to the mining sector, bringing both greenfield and brownfield mining projects into focus. Ensuring these ventures are efficiently executed without compromising on time or budget necessitates a tailored strategy. Often, this means relying on the expertise of an Engineering, Procurement, and Construction Management (EPCM) contractor.

David Claassen, Managing Director of Trafo Power Solutions, firmly believes in the importance of partnering with adept EPCM professionals and says the key to successful partnerships lies in comprehending the EPCM domain. Established in 2017, Trafo Power Solutions specialises in dry-type transformers and has established robust collaborations with EPCM contractors globally, especially across South Africa, Africa, Australia, and Canada.

According to Claassen, Trafo Power Solutions’ consistent successes hinge on several principles, which include understanding project complexities, fostering effective communication, flexibility in adjusting to evolving project scopes, access to proven technology and products, and delivering timely results.

“It’s vital to understand that each project has its uniqueness, and our team successfully navigates this by adopting an “understanding strategy”, emphasising the importance of collaboration to manage the complexities,” he says. “Our deep comprehension of the project process helps us pinpoint and provide the most suitable solution tailored to customer needs.”

EPCM contractors handle intricate tasks such as detailed engineering and design. Trafo Power Solutions contributes by suggesting alternate solutions, ensuring efficient procurement, avoiding redundancy and ensuring the best outcomes for every project.

Communication is the cornerstone of successful project execution. With various EPCM entities employing different communication tools and software, Trafo Power Solutions prides itself on its adaptability. “Our flexibility allows us to mesh with any project team, irrespective of their chosen software,” Claassen notes. He emphasises that this adaptability optimises project management processes, contributing to each project’s success.

Integrity and collaboration remain at the core of Trafo Power Solutions’ operations. Their dedication to understanding project requirements and prompt responses ensures minimal risks and streamlined operations. As Claassen aptly puts it, “The collective goal of stakeholders is the successful execution of a project.”

“Trafo Power Solutions, in partnership with TMC Transformers from Italy, offers top-tier dry-type transformers, emphasising quality and reliability. As the world shifts towards rapid infrastructural developments, such collaborations and expertise will only become more invaluable,” Claassen concludes.


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