Unicla hDrive: Handling Heat, Dust and Vibration with Ease

Unicla is revolutionising the air-conditioning compressor industry with their hDrive family of hydraulic powered compressors. These compressors are specifically designed for vehicles and equipment with onboard hydraulics, providing a reliable and efficient cooling solution.

In a recent partnership with Sigma, Unicla was able to deliver the perfect HVAC compressor solution for Sandvik’s DR412i and DR416i blasthole drills. These drills operate in remote and harsh environments, where reliability and durability are crucial. hDrive compressors proved to be the ideal choice, meeting the demands of the tough mining environment.

One of the standout features of the Unicla hDrive UPH series units is their 10-cylinder long-life swashplate compressor. This compressor is connected to a heavy-duty housing and coupler with an 8-tooth drive, ensuring its durability and longevity. The mandarin orange housing not only meets mining site safety regulations but also includes an inspection plate for easy visual inspection of the drive coupling.


Furthermore, these compressors offer full cooling capacity even when the machine’s engine is idling. This means that even during downtime or rest periods, the air-conditioning system will continue providing comfort to operators.

The hDrive range offers multi-refrigerant compatibility including R134a, R404A, R452A, R1234yf and R513A refrigerants, and boasts three compressor displacement options – 150cc (5kW), 170cc (7kW) and 200cc (10kW). Further freedom is achieved through the choice of Vertical or Horizontal #8/#10 O-ring rear cylinder heads.

Unicla hDrive is the ultimate solution for vehicles and equipment with onboard hydraulics. The partnership with Sigma and the successful implementation of their compressors in Sandvik’s blasthole drills showcase the reliability and durability of these products. With their rugged design, easy maintenance, and ability to operate in the toughest environments, Unicla hDrive compressors are the perfect choice for any heavyduty off-highway application

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