SIG Reliable European manufacturer of rubber conveyor and elevator belts.

SIG is one of the European most important manufacturers of rubber conveyor and rubber elevator belts. With an experience of more than 70 years manufacturing, SIG can easily supply high quality made in Italy synthetic and steel rubber belts worldwide.

Since the end of 60’s our production center has been located in Gorla Minore, near northern Italy, Malpensa and Milan, in an area of twelve thousand twelve square meters, where you can also find SIG headquarter as all the company key positions, from purchasing to commercial and technical teams work all together.

This specific organization allows all employees having a flexible approach to market opportunities, satisfying all customer’s needs as well as international market requests.

The close cooperation between our technicians and our sales Department members allows SIG to find solutions to any type of problem.

Concerning the production process, our plant has an annual production capacity of about 400 kilometers every year, manufacturing any type of rubber belt with a maximum width of 2200 mm, covering any industrial field, from the cement, to iron factories, passing through coal power plants and grain terminals, mines and quarries as well as chemical factories.

Specific rubber covers are available to handle critical bulk materials such as hot clinker, flammable coal, fertilizers and oily waste, grain and cereal as well as highly abrasive bauxite and iron ore.

Here at SIG we love challenges, that is why there is no project or request that cannot be satisfied. No matter where you are, we will find a way to reach you with our best and high quality products.

This supply chain is only composed of qualified suppliers of rubber compounds synthetic and steel fabrics to assure the highest level of quality with the fastest delivery times.

Product quality is managed according to codified quality control programs all over the whole production process, from raw material acceptance to final product delivery.

For this purpose, allowing a correct implementation of the research and development system, over the years SIG has made important investments for the development of its own technological laboratory, provided with the most advanced and reliable systems to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Together with a strict control of the quality, SIG gives high attention to the environmental and health properties of the raw materials involved: since 2012, following the European directives all rubber compounds used by SIG are free from hazardous chemicals, especially PAHs, Poly-Aromatic Hydrocarbons, granting a limited and lower impact to the environment and to the health of operators than imported products of unknown origin.

Our best happiness is customer satisfaction with our products: this is the reason that leads to the development and use of the most advanced technologies available to provide you with the most reliable rubber conveyor belts.

SIG deeply loves its worldwide customers, that is why our main concern is taking care of you.

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