Metso Outotec presents digital optimiser for iron ore sintering plants

Metso Outotec is out to improve sinter plant process performance and stability with the launch of Optimus Sinter, a digital optimiser for iron ore sintering plants.

Optimus Sinter is one of Metso Outotec’s leading-edge digital solutions to ensure the optimal operation and maintenance of iron ore sintering plants, the company says. A sophisticated thermodynamic model forms the core of Metso Outotec’s Optimus Sinter, calculating the process conditions in the sinter bed – which cannot be measured with sensors due to the high temperatures – and offering advanced insights into the sinter plant operations.

Andreas Meier-Hedde, Senior Product Manager for Sintering technology at Metso Outotec, said: “We are very happy to announce the launch of our holistic sinter plant optimiser. With Optimus Sinter, our customers can get the best performance out of their operations. Operators can manage the plants better by leveraging the advanced insights this digital tool offers. Optimus Sinter also offers real-time operating advice with respect to different operating plant targets.”

Backed by Metso Outotec’s experience and process know-how in sintering, Optimus Sinter offers benefits such as increased gross production, improved electrical energy consumption and reduced solid fuel consumption, the company says.

Based on process measurement and actual raw material data as well as the proprietary process model, Optimus Sinter provides:

  • Online, real-time process calculations;
  • Monitoring of relevant process parameters and key performance indicators (energy consumption and CO2 footprint);
  • Visualisation of chemical and physical processes and temperatures in the sinter bed;
  • Online optimisation of feed material mix;
  • Real-time forecast of product quality (sinter strength, Fe/Fe2+ content, basicity); and
  • Improved burn-through calculation.

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