Bobcat launches heavy duty box blade for 2D and 3D grading

Bobcat has expanded the company’s market-leading line-up of attachments with the launch of a new Heavy Duty Box Blade, aimed at both 2D and 3D grading applications

HD Box Blade StudioThe HD Box Blade Studio. (Image Source: Bobcat)

The new attachment offers a Plug & Play integrated solution that can be installed on Bobcat loaders within a minute. Suitable for use with most of the models in the Bobcat skid-steer and compact track loader ranges, the new HD Box Blade attachment produces a more accurate and higher precision finish grade, even on tough jobsites. The fingertip controls and user-friendly display on the Bobcat loaders also guarantee ease of operation.

The HD Box Blade can be used for rough grading or enhanced with Bobcat’s compatible laser guided control systems for precision grading. These high-tech systems help the operator maintain the same plane on the graded surface, leading to very high accuracy.

As a result, the new HD Box Blade can be used to level ground efficiently in roadwork and construction, including creating bases for car parks or pavements. Engineered for maximum precision, no rework is needed while grading.

When it is set up for 3D applications, this new Bobcat solution is capable of grading complex designs on landscaping projects with either GPS or UTS guidance. This increases business opportunities and market share for contractors by increasing the range of projects they can bid and work on. Working in sync with a 3D grading system the HD Box Blade can work on numerous medium to large landscaping projects.

Wheels behind the cutting blade allow the operator to push material more efficiently and quickly. The wheels enable operation in tight spaces while also improving travel and stability. The increased precision offered by the compact design and rear positioned casters allows grading to take place in corners, around pillars or next to walls. Additionally, the side edges are adjustable to the desired cut depth, maintaining a precise grade.

The dual-sided cutting blade allows the operator to push or pull material in either direction. The blade can also be tilted by up to 20 cm to better manoeuvre the material loads and side angles.

With the HD Box Blade attachment, contractors can expand grading and levelling work as the system is suitable for sub-grading and other surface preparation jobs, saving costs for materials and labour.

Bobcat has ensured that there is a high-quality standard of durability with its HD Box Blade. The dual-sided and replaceable cutting edge provides a long product life with its hardened steel, as well as its removable option.

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